Emergency Maintenance: juniper.arvixe.com

Posted: 1:30 pm EDT 06/15/18

Updated: 1:30 pm EDT 06/15/18

Maintenance Start Time: 9:00 pm EDT 06/15/18

Estimated duration: 4 hours

Status: Pending

In order to prevent issues with the file system on this server, we will be bringing this server down which will make all/most services on this server inaccessible either completely or sporadically, and performing a chkdsk on it. We will keep you posted.

Scheduled Maintenance: Windows Updates

Posted: 4:24 pm EDT 06/13/18

Updated: 4:24 pm EDT 06/13/18

Maintenance Start Time: 7:00 pm EDT 06/15/18

Estimated duration: 3 hours

Status: Pending


In order to keep things up to date and secure, we will be performing windows updates on the following hosting servers.

WSP Platform

MILFOIL.htx.arvixe.com MAPLE.htx.arvixe.com AVEN.htx.arvixe.com BLUSH.htx.arvixe.com JUNIPER.htx.arvixe.com HAZEL.htx.arvixe.com FOXGLOVE.htx.arvixe.com DOGHORN.htx.arvixe.com WHITE.htx.arvixe.com SNARE.htx.arvixe.com YELLOW.htx.arvixe.com SAPIN.htx.arvixe.com CASCARA.htx.arvixe.com PINE.htx.arvixe.com OAK.htx.arvixe.com PLUMERIA.htx.arvixe.com WISTERIA.htx.arvixe.com DOCK.htx.arvixe.com SPIRAEA.htx.arvixe.com LOTUS.htx.arvixe.com CACTUS.htx.arvixe.com VIOLET.htx.arvixe.com RED.htx.arvixe.com JASMINE.htx.arvixe.com STRAWBERRY.htx.arvixe.com FERN.htx.arvixe.com ORCHID.htx.arvixe.com HOLLY.htx.arvixe.com

Plesk Platform - Shared

WS101.win.arvixe.com WS104.win.arvixe.com WS108.win.arvixe.com WS109.win.arvixe.com WS113.win.arvixe.com WS116.win.arvixe.com WS119.win.arvixe.com WS125.win.arvixe.com WS131.win.arvixe.com WS134.win.arvixe.com WS137.win.arvixe.com WS140.win.arvixe.com WS146.win.arvixe.com WS162.win.arvixe.com WS165.win.arvixe.com WS2.win.arvixe.com WS5.win.arvixe.com WS8.win.arvixe.com

Plesk Platform - Reseller RS101.win.arvixe.com RS152.win.arvixe.com RS154.win.arvixe.com

Scheduled Maintenance: dione.grant.arivxe.com

Posted: 8:37 pm EDT 06/12/18

Updated: 9:40 pm EDT 06/13/18

Maintenance Start Time: 9:00 pm EDT 06/14/18

Estimated duration: 4 hours

Status: Resolved

The hostnode dione.grant.arivxe.com will be coming down for scheduled hardware maintenance between 01:00 - 04:00 CEST (GMT +0200) on 06/14/2018. Active VM hosted on server is Ayeaye.arvixe.com

This maintenance has been completed. Thank you for your patience