Scheduled Mail Server Maintenance: Arvixe Windows shared

Posted: 2:43 pm EDT 06/11/18

Updated: 7:05 pm EDT 06/11/18

Maintenance Start Time: 7:00 pm EDT 06/13/18

Estimated duration: 4 hours

Status: Pending

We will be performing maintenance on windows mail server. During this maintenance mail server will be down. servers:

WS3 WS6 WS102 WS105 WS110 WS111 WS502 WS114 WS117 WS120 WS123 WS126 WS129 WS141 WS144 WS132 WS135 WS138 WS147 RS153 RS155 WS163 WS9 WS166 RS102 RS107 servers: BLUSH BROWN CYAN WHITE PINK YELLOW RED MAGENTA CRIMSON